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   Feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have or set up an appointment for service.  Let us know what game you have and when is the best time to contact you.

    I am always happy to repair your game at your location. When servicing the Twin Cities metro area I charge a flat fee of $155 plus parts. This rate includes the first two hours starting at arrival. The average service call is around $200 with parts included.   Many of our clients buy a game on Craigslist or Ebay and need help with repairs. Often we get calls in which the other repair people failed to fix the problem properly or even made the game worse. Other service people may charge less but they only address the single issue. Then they are out of the door and gone. It may have been something as simple as a blown fuse, but what about the other hundred plus components? Often when clients call us they will have a machine that has been broken for years  Two weeks later something else fails and the clients are frustrated.

    I prefer to charge flat rates for my service calls and I can explain why. Flat service charge takes the pressure off. I don't like to play the clock game when doing service. The eliminates
pressure for both the client and myself. When it comes to the labor charge, the client has no surprises. This way the client will not have to be upset when a service call takes longer than usual
or we may have to return with a part. A big part of the call is playing a game for up to 20 minutes insuring that all mods and functions work properly. This is really a unique business! When was
the last time your furnace repair guy played your furnace? This way everything is billed as one fee.  The flat rate is easier for both of us.




     I (John Ross), have been a pinball technician since the 1980's. Over the years I have owned or serviced just about every solid-state model a pinball machine ever produced. Stern, Williams,
Gottlieb and Bally to name a few:) I have worked on over 7,000 plus different pinball machines in my lifetime. I am NOT a fly by night technician who repairs a couple of games on the side for extra money. This is my full time business. Let me put my experience to work for you. I specialize in servicing solid state games produced from 1977 to present.  I also have colleagues who repair older electromechanical games if needed.