My name is John Ross. I started in the pinball hobby in 1979 at the age of 9. At the time I enjoyed playing pinball games like Flash and Firepower. I saved enough money to buy my first game in 1985. It was a Stern Dracula pinball machine which I repaired and sold. Thus started my passion for buying more games to repair and sell. I went to high school during the day and sold games and movies on weekends. In 1987 I was employed as a pinball and video game technician at Circus Pizza. This was my dream job. In 1990 I was hired by Dahlco Music to be their pinball technician. I left Dahlco in 1994 to open Pinball Plus on Como Avenue in St Paul. From 2004 to 2012 I owned the retail store also named Pinball Plus in South St Paul. In July of 2012 I closed the retail store to focus more on restorations, customizations and repairs. I still do sales but on a much smaller level. If you're looking for a specific game please drop me an email. I have always aimed for high quality product rather than high volume of sales. It is very easy to wipe a game down to make it look nice but it's no fun for me or my customers when a game doesn’t function properly. This is not good for business! I have a great reputation with 36 years of experience and countless repeat customers. Whether it’s a pinball sale, repair, restoration, or customization you can be sure Pinball Plus will be there for everything you need. Thank you for visiting our site.  -John M Ross

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